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Information event: „Neues Geschäftsfeld PV-Mieterstrom: Kooperationsmodelle zwischen Solar- und Energiebranche“

Wednesday, 28th June 2017, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Agenda (PDF)


Presentations & Speakers


PV financing project: Business models to boost the PV sector in Europe

Intersolar Europe Conference Sessions – 1st June, 2:00 pm -3:30 pm


Two years ago the European Commission launched the PV Financing project with the aim to help the deployment of innovative PV business models in the EU by reducing their financial risk and ease their access to finance. These results are summarized in the implementation guidelines, which describe the current suitable models to develop PV projects in Europe. In this session a detailed description on how implement these models and solutions as well as the best practice examples in France, Germany and Austria will be provided. Additionally, innovative solutions for a fair energy transition in public, cooperative and social housing will be presented.


  • PV Financing
    Luz Aguilar, BSW-Solar
  • Solar PV development in Europe
    Sonia Dunlop, SolarPower Europe
  • Business models from German speaking countries: Mieterstrom from Germany & the shared generation facility model from Austria
    Luz Aguilar, BSW-Solar & Vera Liebl, PV Austria
  • Collective self-consumption in France
    Julien Courtel, Observ´Er
  • Innovative business models for the housing sector in Europe
    Julien Dijol, Housing Europe
  • Outlook
    Luz Aguilar, BSW-Solar


Presentation (PDF)


SOLAR: Helping consumers and businesses control their energy costs

Tuesday 2 May, 14:00-18:30


This event focused on what new solar business models solar are on offer for those that up until now have had limited access to solar. It looked at how we can change the way we structure solar projects to reduce risk and increase access to finance and showed how more and more businesses are using the long-term stability of solar PV to hedge against rising and fluctuating prices.


During the Workshop, the PV Financing EU Policy Advisory Paper was launched and the potential Business models in Europe were presented.



  1. PV Financing Project
  2. Collective self-consumption in France
  3. The shared Generation facility model in Austria
  4. Case study: the Mieterstrom model in Germany
  5. Self-consumed electricity can be cheaper electricity
  6. Solar hedging Options with corporate Power Purchase Agreements
  7. Allowing new PPA models to spread across Europe
  8. Case study: L’Oreal onsite direct wire PPA, Italy


Please find the agenda here.


PV Business models for the social housing sector

8th March 2017


One of the application segments the PV Financing project has looked at is the social housing sector. Together with our project partner Housing Europe, we have looked at social housing, which is a rented segment, and includes both single family and multi family housing. SolarPower Europe presented at the Housing Europe PROFTRAC conference “Getting our homes future ready: Essential skills and innovative solutions for a fair energy transition in public, cooperative and social housing” on potential options available to social housing providers for implementing solar PV on their buildings.


Presentation (PDF): http://www.pv-financing.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/pvf_dunlop_social_housing.pdf


National workshops with the financial community


Between September and November 2016 the PV Financing partners conducted a series of seven workshops in Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey and the UK with the financial and insurance community to discuss barriers and drivers for the financing of solar PV in each country.

In each case a number of experts presented their views to the group, which also included solar investors and developers. A selection of the presentations are available for download below. Note these are all in the national language of the country concerned. For more information please get in touch with the national project partner.


EU-Workshop: Investing in Europe’s sunshine, Encouraging finance and reducing risk

26th October 2016, Brussels


The goal of the European workshop with the financial community was to look at what are the innovative sources of finance and ways of reducing risk that are relevant at an EU-wide level, learn from some of the countries not covered in the PV Financing project and discuss some best practice business models that could be adopted in new markets.








2nd PV Financing Workshop “How to develop PV in Europe: Implementation Guidelines – procedures and examples”

18th October 2016, Brussels


Agenda, minutes & participants list


The aim of the workshop was to present one of the main deliverables of the PV Financing project: the national and European Implementation Guidelines. The workshop presented the best business models for the development of solar PV in Europe as well as national best-practices and case studies.


The presentations of the workshop program and list of participants are online:











Minutes of the workshop


PV Financing Workshop: “Suitable Business Models & Financial Schemes for PV Development in Europe”.

19.February 2016 in Brussel.



The goal of the workshop was to present some of the suitable business models and financial schemes for the development of photovoltaic in Europe, as well as their challenges and best practices. Renowned experts described the best practices and challenges of these.


The presentations of the workshop program and list of participants are online: